What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is also commonly known as Coke, Charlie, Toot, Crack, Ching, White, Percy, Blow amongst many other slang terms. It s a recreational drug used a stimulant.It is highly addictive and creates intense feelings of happiness and self confidence. It is derived from the leaves of the coco plant found mainly in South America. Cocaine gained popularity in the 1880’s and was promoted and used regularly by Sigmund Freud. He prescribed it as medication and firmly believed that there was no lethal dose, until one of his patients died from a high dosage that he had prescribed for them. It’s initial origins was a as painkiller. It comes in powder or crystal form. The crystal form is known as crack cocaine.

The Effects of Cocaine

Cocaine is usually snorted but can be rubbed into the gums or it can injected.Once consumed, it can give the user an intense high and greatly increased heart rate. The user can experience complete lack of appetite, dilated pupils, intense craving of the drug, anxiety and paranoia, increase in body temperature. As the effects of cocaine are relatively short lived in terms of the ‘high’, the urge to take more is is very strong and is partly where addiction can occur. The after effects are often not pleasant after a session on cocaine and the come down often lasts for days afterwards. As with any addictive drug, tolerance can be built up quickly resulting in the user having to consume more and more of the drug in order to reach the desired effects.