What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a recreational drug and is derived from cannabis plants. There is a chemical in cannabis called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is this chemical that provides the relaxing and happy feeling users experience when they consume Cannabis. There are different forms of Cannabis, all of which are derived from the same plant. There is Cannabis oil, a honey like substance, Grass (or weed), this is the dried leaves, Skunk which is a particularly strong herbal cannabis and Hash which is in resin form. The most common way of taking it is to roll it with tobacco and smoke it. This is known as a spliff or joint. Others smoke it using an instrument called a bong or a form of pipe. It can also be consumed by adding it to food, such as cakes and cookies. It is a Class B drug and is known by many slang names, Marijuana,Herb, Pot, Puff, Ganja, Bud to name a few.

The Effects of Cannabis

There are varying effects of Cannabis depending on the user and the amount consumed. The most common effect of Cannabis consumption is the sedating and mellowing effect it has. A user can have two different experiences on it. They can be relaxed and happy or confused, anxious and paranoid.
It can cause not only short term, but if used on a regular basis, long term psychological problems. It can cause sickness and light headedness. One of its common traits is to make the user hungry, resulting in a term of ‘getting the munchies’. Although Cannabis is not physically addictive it is mentally addictive and people often develop a dependency on it. Regular long term users will experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop. Symptoms include mood swings, feelings of nausea, insomnia, shaking and diarrhoea and irritability.